JumpKing Hexagon 7.5-Foot Trampoline

$94.99 (41% off) @ Walmart + Toss Ball Game

Get the JumpKing Hexagon 7.5-Foot Trampoline for only $94.99 (reg. $159.99) right now at Walmart. You save 41% off the regular price for this item. Deal may expire soon.

Item Details

The Jumpking 7.5ft Hexagonal Trampoline with toss ball game is our latest innovative design. The trampoline not only looks great, but also gives the user the feeling of being inside a spacious globe. Kids and parents can have lots of fun with this hexagonal trampoline outdoors during spring and summer. When it is time to get back inside, the Jumpking 7.5ft Hexagonal Trampoline with toss ball game can be used indoors. Adults can use this unit without the enclosure as a fitness trampoline. When kids want to use the trampoline the enclosure can be put back. Our bonus toss ball game is designed for kiddos to enjoy while on the trampoline. Its sleek black and yellow safety pad covers the galvanized trampoline springs and frame. The safety pad offers protection and sit on the outside of the net for safety reasons. This trampoline will provide fun and fitness for the whole family year round.
Model: JK7524TBG

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